The Barge

This modernised Victorian pub, located near the Canal Basin, is separated from the town centre by the bypass. Inside it has narrow bar with large rooms at each end. Very lively with a large screen television for music and major sporting events.

Mill Lane

(01484) 716138


  1. William illingworth says:

    This is a proper British boozer with a lovely land lady who did a fantastic job managing the bar on an incredibly busy day. A great selection of drinks and a warm comfortable pub.

  2. David Luke says:

    Absolute disgusting rat dropping on my table and also the staff was taking cocaine behind the bar their was white powder around their nose and when I confronted them their threatened to stab me if I reported these incidents the police from Halifax currently dealing with these matters I would advise people around these areas to avoid this corrupt pub also one of the landlady kayley used to be engaged to Mathew drake which has recently be done for abusing children and and indecent imagines u can look up he name on Google as Mattew drake please keep ur kids away from the local pub

  3. Dan Rycroft says:

    Brilliant spaghetti bolognaise on a Tuesday for free pool nite. Just missing that finishing touch of a bit of garlic bread

  4. Emma says:

    Great local pub, lively and friendly. Fab choice of gins which are good value. Chilled atmosphere feel comfortable heading there on my own

  5. Debbie Jay says:

    Rough and ready. Karaoke, live music. Bar Staff very friendly and helpful. Reasonable prices. All going on!!

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