Crafty Fox

A brand new craft beer bar in Brighouse. Serving 8 keg and 4 cask rotating beers. Fine wines, a good selection of spirits. Kids welcome until 9pm, dog-friendly. Live acoustic music, pub quiz every Wed 7.30pm. Community living room with great beer

Dog Friendly

07847 205425

Food Hygiene Rating

The Crafty Fox was reviewed by Calderdale on January 10, 2019 and was given a food hygiene rating of 5.



  1. Paul Hodgson says:

    This place is as cold as Siberia There was icicles on all walls and ceilings A real scruff hole Upstairs the back window has been put through & never fixed £6 for a pint £7 for a short You will need to remortgage to pay your bill Cannot see the attraction here Go to a warmer, more reasonably charged local

  2. Robert Cleary says:

    Me and my dad love it here. Big Dad Dom green always drinking there best cider and I'm very keen on the Belgian ones. Brighouse is on the map.

  3. Conway Bamforth says:

    Lovely little bar in the heart of Brighouse . Nice relaxed atmosphere , good music , friendly clientele and staff , and most of all a reyt good pint .. The sort of bar you just pop in for a couple of drinks , and could stop there all day .

  4. Steve F says:

    Wow wow wow wow! Micropub heaven might even move here just for this micropub 👍🏿. Great beers, staff and locals. Don't steal their glasses ask, they will sell them to you at a reasonable price if they have enough winner 🥇👍🏿

  5. Gurjit Dhesi says:

    Popped in here for the beer a couple of weeks ago through the week. Fairly quiet given it’s not a weekend but a nice bar with plenty of space to sit upstairs too. Plus if you’re lucky you might see a guy wearing this shirt.

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