Halifax Piece Hall

The Halifax Piece Hall is a Grade I listed building in Halifax, less than 15 minutes away from Brighouse. It was built in 1779 as a cloth hall for handloom weavers to sell the woollen cloth “pieces” they had produced.

After a multi million pound restoration in 2017, the Piece Hall now hosts music concerts and a variety of small, independent shops from West Yorkshire.


  1. Shelby mum Nathan mum says:

    Today, after my daughter finished her dance class, we drove to this small town that I really like, especially the piece Hall this Building where you can enjoy the tranquility and the beautiful buildings. I sat with the kids on a bench, enjoying this leisure time. As the evening approached, my daughter wanted to buy a gift for a friend, so we went to a soap store to pick a small present. Then we bought some take-out sushi before heading back to Manchester. I really enjoy taking the kids to some of the surrounding small towns to enjoy my weekends

  2. Tee A says:

    Wow ! What a lovely experience. We visited here during a break in Yorkshire and was pleasantly surprised by this gem. Not only does it look magnificent but the various boutiques, vintage shops ,bars and places to eat makes the experience extra lovely. We went on a wet and dull February afternoon and still we were enthralled by the atmosphere and history of the surroundings. Definitely the best part to see in Halifax. Lots of easy places to park nearby which is always a bonus .Would definitely recommend on a trip to Yorkshire.

  3. Izzy Creative247 says:

    A lot of shops and food around to see and experience. Some fairly similar, but some very unique. A lovely place for a day out, the Christmas market especially was fantastic fun but extremely busy. Blondin's diner was fantastic with a delicious choice for breakfasts or lunch. But there were multiple places to choose from. There is a visitor center as well as staff walking around if you need assistance. There is a lot of history here, would definitely come back.

  4. Peter Wilson says:

    Beautiful place to visit, magnificent building. Quiet when I went on Tuesday morning. Some lovely bespoke shops and bars. Worth a visit

  5. Mark D says:

    It really is worth going to. Near the railway station. Lots of independent shops selling interesting items. Great for gifts and fair prices. There is something for everyone. So much to see and some nice restaurants and nice tea shops. Go to the information centre first because they have a paper guide map and the staff are excellent. Plus there is a little museum display. Go, you really won't regret it.

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