Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve

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Cromwell Bottom Local Nature Reserve (LNR), nestled between Brighouse and Elland, is a sanctuary of reclamation and rebirth.

Formerly a quarry, ash tip from the old Elland Power Station and a landfill, this areas has been transformed into a mix of woodland, wetland, and grassland hosting rich plants and wildlife.

Starting Point

Head to the visitor center where you’ll meet the Robin perched on the fence waiting for a snack. The visitor centre is open 10am top 4pm on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are snacks available and an accessible bathroom.

Find your starting point either at the gravel car park off Elland Road or take the 25 min canal side path walk from Brighouse town centre. The reserve is wheelchair friendly and suitable for wheelchairs.

The Oasis: Portakabin Café and Trail Maps

As you make your way from the car park, you have several paths to enter the sanctuary. The main gateway lies across a quaint bridge leading towards the Portakabin Café. Here, you’ll encounter a comprehensive map outlining an array of trails, as well as areas accessible for wheelchairs and prams—a fantastic resource to plot your adventure.

The Grand Loop: Riverbanks, Weirs, and Wildlife Spots

Embarking on the journey, we recommend following the long loop that takes you on a journey along the river’s edge. Make your way toward the weir, pausing spot the Sand Martin hife and Beehives on the far bank. Continue onto the pond-dipping platform, a spot brimming with life and seasonal colors. Loop back to visit the dedicated bird-watching area, keeping a sharp eye out for Bullfinch, dunnocks, woodpeckers, robins, kingfishers and more. Your trek will guide you next to a tranquil lagoon, a final natural spectacle before reconnecting with the canal to meander back to the starting point.

Duration and Accessibility

This route spans just under 3 km and roughly 40 minutes of walking time. With all the stops and nature, this can easily add up to a two hour visit.

What to look out for

Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive kingfishers, oystercatchers, and curlews that call this reserve home. The wetlands and meadows also include many butterflies, moths, dragonflies and damselflies.

For more information, visit the Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group, where you’ll find;


  1. ilona rigo says:

    A great reserve to walk round, the volunteers are doing a grand job tidying, repairing, planting. Check when the cafe is open and what's on, there's reserve walks and I've been to the otter talk very interesting. Dogs welcome on lead (have recall) as it's a nature reserve and trying to bring back and welcome the wildlife, poo bin there but gets full. Free car park other side of the canal

  2. Debs says:

    Absolutely stunning place surrounded by nature . We had a guided tour and it was so informative and my son age 7 was able to ask so many questions and learn so much. A treasure practically on our doorstep

  3. restobahn says:

    Peaceful and pleasant. Car park is a bit ropey getting in and out, could do with a less aggressive ramp but aside from that exactly what you'd want for an afternoon stroll

  4. Phil Moore says:

    Lovely walk with a bonus of wildlife thrown in. Views of the river Calder and the Calder and Hebble canal, superb place and free !! Lovely little cafe open Tue, Thu and Sunday (great homemade fruit cake). Can’t wait to check my bird photos

  5. Bernadetta Wojnas says:

    Lovely wild park. Nice walk day out 😁

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