Brighouse Swimming Pool


Brighouse Swimming pool and fitness centre
Woodvale Rd

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The Brighouse Swimming Pool is a relatively new leisure facility, located next to Wellholme Park.

The facility has;

  • 25 metre main pool and additional teaching pool
  • Lane swimming
  • Learning to Swim
  • Vending facilities and seating
  • Family changing facilities
  • Fitness suite – more than 60 stations
  • Free car parking for 58 cars with covered cycle parking
  • Inflatables for fun swimming
  • Large multi purpose studio
  • Opening times may change during school holidays.

For further information, phone 01422 288068.


For a complete price list, view the prices on Calderdale’s website.


  1. Ewok Tribesman says:

    Far better than Kirklees' facilities. The staff are polite, welcoming, and helpful! That makes such a difference to the overall atmosphere, compared to other facilities in the area. The pools are a reasonable temperature and the locker/changing rooms are usually very clean. Unfortunately the showers can be temperamental in temperature, but I think that's being worked on. There's good availability for public swims, unlike many other pools in the area. My only real issues are with the car park, it's quite small. I know that's not really something that can be helped, but it's badly laid out and I feel like some people park in there when they're not going into the fitness centre. I regularly have to drive around waiting for a space to open up, which means I sometimes miss the first part of the swim session. The other reason I can't give it 5 stars is because they don't take cash. It's card only, which is a little annoying. I prefer to pay by cash for a few reasons. The lockers require a pound coin to work anyway, so I have to take both card and cash. I would probably get a membership and use the gym facilities as well, if they were open a bit longer, but I would barely be able to use it with the current opening hours, which is a shame.

  2. Hayley Croft says:

    Pool is cold and the gym well 3 treadmills out of order for 2 weeks now and a few other machines. So 7 treadmills altogether but only 4 work so long waits to use them... This is unfair on everyone we pay to use the facilities and get little back of late , the place needs better maintenance staff to get stuff fixed quickly or replaced asap

  3. Rachel H says:

    The amount of classes on offer with a membership is great but one thing that bothers me is how cold the swimming pool actually is. Whenever I take my 2 year old to Aquatots, he leaves physically shaking and with blue lips. I have seen several children in the same way after a 30 minute lesson and one time, even the instructor commented on it! Is it possible to increase the temperature of the pool so that our children can learn to swim in a more enjoyable environment? We would go every week if it was warmer!

  4. Asia Connor says:

    Nice gym, nice and clean and staff seem friendly. But the car park is just a pain. There are never any spaces and it’s far too small especially if you’re going after work, it actually puts me off going at times

  5. Mark Rushworth says:

    Visited for the first time yesterday the pool is ok. Just a rectangle, nothing special. For a new facility I was surprised how broken a lot of y was. Turnstiles out of order, lockers open with no keys, toilets flooded and with a constant flush. Note to calderdale council you can't just build something you have to maintain it.

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