Brighouse Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms have become a popular activity for teambuilding exercises through to family fun.

Escape Rooms involve being “locked” in a themed room with a specific timeframe to try complete the mission and “escape” the room. 

The ROKT Activity Centre has 4 escape rooms in Brighouse, suitable from ages 10+ and up to 8 players.

Prices start from approximately £20 per player. Bookings can be made by calling 01484 937580 or booking online. We recommend booking in advance given the popularity of escape rooms.

The ROKT Activity Centre includes other activities such as rock climbing.

5 Reviews

  1. G K D

    Benn was an absolutely amazing host ♥️
    The room was fantastic. We can’t wait to go back and do the final room. This is by far the best escape room collection we’ve done so far.

  2. Chris Goodman

    Very professional, cleverly thought out and scary atmospheric

  3. millyn21

    I chose this because of the reviews and was glad I did; they certainly weren’t wrong! A fantastic experience from start to finish. The puzzles were engaging and of a suitable level of difficulty, our host was superb and the story was immersive. I would 100% recommend!

  4. Michie S

    This escape room was so much fun. Me, my mum and 9 year old son managed to escape just in time, which was a first. The game was really engrossing and the different tasks and puzzles were all quite different. The theme was also a nice touch. The man in charge was brilliant, he was welcoming and explained everything really well. His guidance and clues were all proportionate to the progress we were making.

    My only feedback would be that we find these escape rooms on the expensive side, That relates to most of the escape rooms we have tried (except 2 that didn’t charge for my son). We would do them more often but for the price, as around 50 quid is a bit much for two adults and a child. In saying that we won’t let that stop us returning, it just means that visits have to be more spaced out

    Would definitely recommend for family and group of friends and even team building for work colleagues .

  5. Mike Jobson

    Really good experience, something new for the family to do. Enjoyed, we will be back in the future to do the other rooms