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Quick Facts

» Name originates from a building close to the bridge over the river Calder.
» Links to Leeds, Manchester and Halifax.
» Home of the world famous Brighouse and Rastrick Band.
» Second largest town in calderdale.
»Population of around 32,198 people.

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Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band
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Monday, 24th September 2018

Brighouse Photos

Here are some photos from around Brighouse. There are not many photos here as it is winter and I have only around 10minuites to take photos before it gets dark after I get home. Please bear with us, I am going into Brighouse this Saturday morning to take some more photos. The weather does not add to the picture quailty as it was sleeting as I was taking the photo's

Click the pictures at the side to bring up the photo gallery. A special thankyou to Mrs Allen who kindly submitted the majority of these photos. If you need any photography work, please contact her at:


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